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Will Added Debt Finally Become Too Much?

Regardless of what you may think about the Trump administration’s tax reforms, the current levels of U.S. debt are not sustainable. With over $20 trillion in debt already, the nation could potentially add to the deficit as it lowers tax revenues. The argument for such a move is that increased economic activity and production will pave the way for that deficit to be brought back under control. Even if that proves to be the case, the problem with debt is that not only does the... Continue Reading

Arizona Considering Gold Bonds

The state of Arizona is reportedly considering a way to monetize gold in an effort to counteract the world of negative interest rates and lack of yield. The state recently set up a committee to examine the possibility of issuing treasury bonds that would be payable in gold. Dr. Keith Weiner, the founder of Monetary Metals Inc. and committee member, discussed the potential role such a bond might play. Mr. Weiner is of the opinion that such a bond could benefit not only the state... Continue Reading