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WannaCry Hackers Finally Cash Out

It’s been about three months since the WannaCry ransomware attack, and those behind the attacks have finally cashed out. This ransomware attack crippled computer systems, encrypting files and charging the owners anywhere from $300 to $600 to get the “keys” to unlock their files. The attack prevented a U.K. emergency room from accepting patients, shut down a Spanish telecommunications company and more. The money, all told about $140,000, has been sitting in three separate bitcoin wallets for 12 weeks. Naturally, those wallets have been closely... Continue Reading

Get All the Silver You Can At Current Levels

The Silver market has made repeated attempts to break away from its recent trading range, yet it has thus far failed each and every time. You know what they say about a rubber band though, don’t you? You can stretch a rubber band repeatedly right up to its breaking point and it snaps back-until it doesn’t. And when that rubber band finally gives way to the forces pulling on it, it tends to snap in quick and decisive fashion. Such may prove to be the... Continue Reading

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