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A Shot Across the Bow

Stocks are getting hit today, and hard, as rising bond yields fuel selling in equities. The recent concerns over higher yields-which are trading at multiyear highs-is only one issue that stock investors will need to contend with in the months and years ahead. None of this is to say that stocks cannot keep going higher, in fact, stocks may very well see a fresh leg higher and new all-time highs going into the end of the year. Once the levee breaks, however, look out below.... Continue Reading

Yield Curve Playing a Role

The gold market is seeing some strength to begin the new trading week following the Thanksgiving Holiday shortened week. Some of the primary factors for gold’s recent strength are at work today, including a weaker dollar index and flattening yield curve. The dollar is losing ground as investors deliberate the confirmation hearing for new Fed Chief Jerome Powell as well as the potential for a tax deal actually getting done. The dollar chart is not pretty at this point, and the currency could be eyeing... Continue Reading