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Watch the Yield Curve

Investors and global financial markets have done a fantastic job of remaining optimistic despite numerous potential headwinds. Ongoing tensions over global trade, higher oil prices and rising interest rates are just a few of the major issues that markets are contending with. There is something else happening behind the scenes, however, that could point to major troubles ahead. The flattening of the yield curve is becoming more and more a cause for concern, and the idea of the curve becoming inverted is a distinct possibility.... Continue Reading

So What if the Fed Hikes Again

The gold market may see some volatility ahead of this week’s FOMC meeting conclusion. The yellow metal is likely seeing some profit taking ahead of the central bank’s announcement, but that certainly does not mean that the market will not head higher in the coming weeks and months. The Fed may be forced to act this week in order to maintain credibility. The Fed has stuck to its guns in recent communications, and thus far appears to be remaining on track for another two rate... Continue Reading