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Watch Rates for Higher Gold

When it comes to the notion of higher interest rates, most investors automatically, and mistakenly, assume that higher rates equates to lower gold prices. Given the past decade of ultra-low rates and QE, however, such a correlation could actually have the direct, opposite effect of what many assume. The benchmark 10 year note could possibly hold the keys to substantially higher gold prices in the months and years ahead. That’s right: A higher 10 year yield could actually boost gold rather than drag it down.... Continue Reading

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Do Treasuries Hold the Key to Higher Gold?

Although gold remains in an uptrend on the daily charts, the yellow metal has backed off some $50 per ounce from its recent highs. The gold market has been bid up in recent months on increasing geopolitical risks and other factors considered bullish for the metal. Not coincidentally, treasury yields have been rising in recent trade as the price of gold has been under some moderate pressure. Looking at the benchmark 10 year note, yields topped out shortly after the Trump election victory as the... Continue Reading