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Is The Trump Rally Finally Fizzling Out?

The stock market has made significant gains since the Donald Trump Presidential election victory in November. Stocks have moved higher on the notion of significant tax reforms and a large fiscal spending plan. Interest rates moved higher while the dollar index also saw a major boost. The gold market sold off on the Trump win. Investors appeared content buying stock and appetite for investment risk was robust. Things could be turning, however. Yesterday, the stock market saw its largest one day drop since October. Since... Continue Reading

The Calm before the Storm?

Five days into the Donald Trump Presidency, the Dow is flirting with the 20,000 level, gold is near two month highs and the dollar remains well off of its post-election highs. Although the “Trump” rally has slowed in recent days, it may simply be a case of investors taking a wait-and-see approach. Thus far, Trump has signed orders to proceed with a major oil pipeline and pulled the U.S. out of a Pacific trade group. It has been reported that Trump will sign executive orders... Continue Reading

Could Stocks Top on January 20th?

It’s no secret that stocks have been on a ferocious run to the upside since the Presidential election victory by Donald Trump. The notion of looser regulation, tax cuts and massive fiscal stimulus has sent stocks sharply higher, especially banks’. Could the rally over the last several weeks prove to be a case of buy the rumor sell the fact? Some analysts appear to think so… In a recent article from Marketwatch.com, analysts from Morgan Stanley voiced some concerns that the rally in equities has... Continue Reading

There’s Still the Debt…

The rally in stocks and the dollar seen over the last six weeks since the U.S. Presidential election has been the center of financial media focus. Given the amount of ground these markets have covered in a relatively short period of time, you might be asking yourself just how much more room stocks and the greenback have to run to the upside. Although no one can say for sure, the answer is probably a lot. The rally may very well continue into the first several... Continue Reading