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A Win-Win Situation

The recent surge higher in both stocks and economic growth may very well be unsustainable. In fact, it seems that an increasing number of analysts and prominent investors are now sounding the alarm bells about what could be seen economically next year or the year after. This could potentially put gold into a win-win scenario. Here’s why: Slowing Growth and/or Recession: The economy is, without question, humming along at what is arguably an excellent pace. Jobless claims are the lowest in nearly half a century,... Continue Reading

Nuclear Chicken

Over the weekend, North Korea reportedly performed a successful test of a hydrogen bomb. The underground test caused significant seismic activity, and state media was quick to call the test a success. This latest provocation by North Korea has upped the stakes once again. For those of you who do not know what a hydrogen bomb is, it is a nuclear device that uses fusion (or the joining of atoms) rather than fission (or the splitting of atoms) to release energy. The fusion bomb is... Continue Reading