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U.S. Mint Can’t Keep Up With Silver Demand

Demand for silver, specifically the American Silver Eagle coin produced by the U.S. Mint, is very much alive and well. In what was yet another example of frenzied demand for physical metals, bargain hunters, collectors and retail buyers jumped into silver on the latest dip. This significant spike in demand consumed the U.S. Mint’s entire current inventory of American Silver Eagles…In fact; over 1.6 million silver eagles were sold in the first week of July. The mint has stated that it will have additional silver... Continue Reading

Investor Insider: Why Investors Love American Eagle Gold Coins

Investors traditionally invest in gold for the stability, liquidity and the diversification it adds to their investment portfolio. There are many ways to invest in physical gold. Experienced investors and industry experts agree that one of the safest ways to add gold to your overall investment portfolio is by purchasing certain gold coins. One of the best, pure play, gold coin investments is the American Gold Eagle. As a service to our readership and clients, we have outlined the characteristics of American Eagle Gold coins... Continue Reading

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