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Don’t Let Dollar Strength Fool You

Some commodities have come under pressure in recent days as the dollar index has been rallying from recent lows. As a dollar-denominated commodity, gold has been seeing some selling pressure as the greenback has moved higher. Don’t be fooled. The dollar is still very much in a long-term downtrend. In fact, the value of the currency has been declining for decades, and further declines will be seen in the decades ahead. Throughout history, fiat currencies have shown a tendency to fail, and with good reason.... Continue Reading

Is Further Downside in the Dollar on the Way?

It’s no secret that the dollar has been under pressure in recent months. The idea of rising deficits, ongoing relatively low interest rates and more aggressive monetary policies in other parts of the world have all played a role in the greenback’s slide. The dollar recently tried to rally as Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has not eased fears of three rate hikes this year and possibly a fourth. Higher rates could boost the dollar, as it could mean potentially higher returns for those holding dollars.... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You Cannot Afford to NOT Buy Gold Right Now

As major proponents of physical precious metals ownership, we often discuss reasons why we feel it is in your best interest to acquire and hold physical precious metals such as gold and silver. While we can list numerous reasons for our opinion on the matter, we also felt it might make sense to address why we believe you simply cannot afford not to own physical gold, silver or ideally both. The three reasons listed below are in our view very legitimate concerns. Ignore them at... Continue Reading

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Are the Dollar’s Days Numbered?

Tick tock tick tock…October 1st is quickly approaching and this day is bringing with it what could be a pivotal moment in the global economy and trade as we know it today. On the first of October, the International Monetary Fund will officially add the Chinese Renminbi to its Special Drawing Rights or SDR basket of currencies. With this move by the IMF, the Chinese currency will take its place among the elite currencies of the world including the euro, yen, pound and dollar. This... Continue Reading

Is Chinese Overleveraging Coming to Roost?

There has been no shortage of news in recent months-both financially and otherwise-to keep investors busy. The 2016 Rio Olympics garnered considerable attention as did the historical vote by the people of Great Britain to leave the European Union. Investors have also been preoccupied with the Fed, and whether or not the central bank will raise interest rates again this year. Somewhere in the middle of all this news and noise is the fact that the Chinese Yuan has been weakening. What makes this noteworthy... Continue Reading


According to a recent article from The Street.com, “The most important economic issue over the next decade will be the rising position of the Chinese currency, the renminbi, in the foreign exchange markets.” While current global financial reserves are dominated by the dollar, euro, yen and British pound, there is a significant shift taking place right now. A shift that could dramatically change the global reserve market and the dollar’s status as the reserve currency of choice. The central banks that issue these currencies have,... Continue Reading