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Gold Price Charts: Why You Should Invest in Gold Today

Investing in gold—or other precious metals—is a serious decision, especially when your retirement is at stake. But there has never been a better time to purchase gold, either as a way to safeguard against inflationary forces or diversify your retirement portfolio.  Buying gold—either as a retirement asset or a collectible commodity—is a simple process, but the first step is finding reliable information about its current price.   Gold Price Charts: The Price of Gold Today  The stability and value of gold make a compelling argument for... Continue Reading

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Gold vs. the Dollar: Understanding Their Relationship

As the dollar’s value ebbs and flows compared with other currencies, shrewd investors and those with an eye on monetary policy and exchange rates look for new investment opportunities. For many, that means looking at gold. But knowing how the value of gold and the dollar intersect is vital to avoiding a financial misstep.   Let’s walk through the history of gold as a vehicle for trade and investment and how it plays against the value of the U.S. dollar.  The History of Gold Human civilizations... Continue Reading

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Should You Get a Gold IRA?

You’ve already decided you want physical gold.  Should you go to the local pawn shop to see what they have? Should you visit a coin dealer? Should you order online and have it delivered? Or should you get a Gold IRA? In this guide, we’ll explore owning gold in an individual retirement account (IRA). We’ll explain what a Gold IRA is, how it works, and its pros and cons. Most importantly, we’ll arm you with knowledge to make an informed decision.  Are Gold IRAs worth... Continue Reading

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What Is Bullion?

Is it the big geometric shaped gold bars we’ve seen stacked in a James Bond movie? Is it pirate ship gold fished from a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean? Gold bullion is physical gold—typically bars and coins—with a minimum purity of 99.5% for gold bars and typically no less than 90% purity for gold coins. Investors normally seek gold bullion because of its ability to:  Store value Diversify a portfolio Serve as an inflation hedge Provide a safety net as a safe haven... Continue Reading

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Is Gold Worth More Than Diamonds?

Gold and diamonds. They’re both valuable and sometimes mentioned together. This begs the question: Is gold worth more than diamonds? And how do they stack up as investment options? This guide will take you on a deep dive into physical asset ownership.  Gold and diamonds exist harmoniously in the finest jewelry, and they can both exist in your portfolio.  Comparing Gold and Diamonds: Which is More Valuable? The first step to determining which is more valuable is to understand what makes gold and diamonds attractive. ... Continue Reading

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Can You Sell Your Gold to a Bank?

Maybe you’ve reached your investment goal. Or perhaps something unexpected popped up and you need quick cash. Whatever the reason, you have physical gold and want to sell it quickly.  Can you sell gold to a bank?  Gold is universal, and banks have money. They must buy gold. Right? Unfortunately, no. With scant few exceptions, you can’t sell gold to a bank. And if you did, it might not be your best option. But don’t lament. Plenty of places buy gold at market price. You... Continue Reading

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How Much Is a Pound of Gold Worth?

You’ve seen pictures of big gold bars stacked high, gleaming in the light.  If you’re like many others, you might have wondered, “How much is a pound of gold worth?” Or even, “What would it be like to own one of those stacks of gold?” For investors in gold, the peace of mind the precious metal provides can be priceless.  We will explore the specific monetary value of gold, including its per-pound value. We will also discuss why adding gold to your portfolio may be... Continue Reading

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How to Buy Gold Bars: Everything You Need To Know

You’ve already decided to buy gold. Now it’s time to research, learn, and decide which gold products will help you reach your ultimate goals.  It’s hard to go wrong with a precious metal that has held value for thousands of years. But some options may fit your investment style better than others.  This guide will help you understand gold bars. We will teach you not only how to buy gold bars but give you an understanding of: What a gold bar is What to consider... Continue Reading

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Palladium vs. Gold: Which Is the Better Investment?

David vs. Goliath. Ali vs. Foreman. USA hockey vs. Russia.  Sometimes, what seems to be a mismatch turns out to be a fair fight.  Such is the case with palladium vs. gold.  Palladium, gold’s lesser known precious metals cousin, has had plenty of time to shine. But how does it compare to gold as an investment? This guide will look at both metals. We will delve into their histories, past performance, and current performance.  Our goal is to help you make a good decision. Let’s... Continue Reading

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