Bighorn Sheep Silver Bullion Coin


Bighorn Sheep Silver Bullion Coins

The reverse design by Canadian artist Denis Mayer presents the bighorn sheep: a rugged Canadian icon and an enduring symbol of power and strength. The Royal Canadian Mint engravers have lent additional beauty to the artistry of the original design; the finishes on this coin really emphasize the beautiful and powerful features of the bighorn sheep, bringing the intensity of the moment fully to life. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Stocky and sure-footed, the bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) effortlessly scales the steep and often-treacherous slopes of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. The male’s massive curled horns are a symbol of status whose size determines its rank within the herd; but should its dominance come into question, these horns quickly become an imposing weapon. In an assertion of strength and authority, two competing rams will charge headfirst in a relentless clash of horns that echoes across the alpine landscape, until one is ultimately crowned the victor.

At roughly one and a half times the size of a domestic sheep, a fully-grown ram can weigh around 136 kilograms and measure one metre from hoof to shoulder. It seasonally gravitates towards many different habitats within its range, be it grasslands, foothills or forest; but the bighorn sheep is forever associated with the iconic peaks of British Columbia and Alberta. Its split hooves ensure a natural grip as the bighorn ascends the rugged mountain terrain, where its dauntless spirit matches the majesty of its surroundings.

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