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Elizabeth Turner
Verified Customer

November 27, 2018

Matthew Ayabarreno has bent over…

Matthew Ayabarreno, 5 stars, has bent over backwards spending one time an hour on the phone talking technically about gold customized to me. I backed out and repurchased my annuities with a gain in number of shares (not an exact term) as a result. I understood but my advisor hates gold and shook me up and told me I was going to ruin my retirement. The Lord said, "Everything will be ok." Matt has kept in touch over two years. I have made my own financial decisions most of my life and there is a much greater chorus for stocks and bonds than there is for gold. I watched the 75 minute webinar in August 2018 and ordered the book. Because I travel so much I was not aware the book had not arrived. I had already decided to move my Roth but the email I sent disappeared. I knew Matt would call immediately had he received it. When I did call, Matt put the book and the materials to transfer the Roth in the same packet that soon arrived. I read the book over 3 days. I'm visual so it penetrated better. I get it. I moved the Roth from EFTs GLD, GDX, and SLV, paper with promises, to a growth portfolio with room for an emergency withdrawal need. 3-5 years set it and forget it mode. I wish I could have read this book, Gold is a Better Way by Adam Baratta, a long time ago. I'm in the zone of RMDs and although the Roth is not involved, Matt said he'd be right there to help if I moved qualified money into gold. What finally got me to make the move is I taught myself finance and successfully navigated retirement at 59 though I pretty much worked for free or close to it until 40 in ministry. It just seemed I could make this decision too based on my own thinking against the chorus of "gold just sits there and it does nothing." I'm an engineer and also intuitive. Although the stock market was going crazy down on October 2018, this was a long term decision and after I signed the paper to move the Roth, I was totally calm. I knew the Lord is my Shepherd and I note gold was down at 1219 an ounce when about 30% of the portfolio went through. The Lord has timing we can't imagine. After 2 years it seemed I did have the time to become firmly convinced. PS Matt and I share Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. He advertised on Elijah List which is how it all started. PPS You must be convinced by your own thought process how to proceed with regard to gold, other precious metals, and Jesus Christ. Take your time but don't not think about it.

Michael Taylor
Verified Customer

June 10, 2018

Douglas Dubiel
Verified Customer

June 8, 2018

Advantage Gold call and see.

I found Advantage Gold online as I was doing my due diligence on the fees of custodians and vaults for rolling over my 401k to a Precious Metals IRA. Advantage Gold comes up as number one in a couple different searches. I had much skepticism with number one on search engines , true or not I believe anyone with money can make that happen. So because I thought a company could buy that status I did more research on Advantage Gold. I talked with a man named kirill , asking him all of my hard questions, looking for that hidden something they were hiding . Kirill spent 45 minutes (who ends up being the co founder and Senior account executive) answering all my questions and were answered informed ,professional and friendly like I was talking to an old friend. Even kidded that I probably didn't do as much due diligence on that 401k that I was getting out of, TOUCHE . But know you're dealing with top quality company , when you call a company and get somebody like Ashley at the front desk, Chelsea who handles the transfer and deals with any problems making sure all details are in order and krill who answered any question that I had , never rushing me explaining everything and walking me through every part of of the process. I was rolling over less than 75000 the But Advantage Gold made me feel like I had millions of dollars that I was rolling over , they're all top-notch professional. I do know now ,why they are #1 . Then they sent me a box of the best chocolates you can buy , yum . I look forward to clinking glasses over the phone with kirill. He knows what I mean ! See I feel like family. Lol thanks Doug

Ralph Jump
Verified Customer

April 18, 2018

Randy Rock
Verified Customer

April 1, 2018

Todd T.
Verified Customer

July 25, 2017