Fall Markets Get Spooked, Gold Investors Sleep Easy

It appears that Halloween is not the only thing spooking investors during the month of October. Global fear, a weak European Economy and low interest rates have sent markets on a roller coaster ride. For those who invest in physical gold, the ride has been much smoother.

A Volatility buffet.

Gold has performed as advertised for investors while markets have spiked and plummeted. During times of uncertainty and volatility, gold serves as a safe haven for investors and the last two weeks have certainly been volatile. Gold investors have comfortably watched their gold assets grow in value and provide security and stability in their portfolios. Investors without gold exposures have often experienced tremendous swings in account value. Gold futures climbed to a five-week high this week as traders pushed back their estimates for a U.S. interest rate increase in October from 47 percent to 55 percent. This type of market environment helps reinforce the fact that gold is an extremely important component of any investor’s portfolio.

Fear Not (if you own gold)

Gold has rallied from this year’s low of $1,183.24 on Oct. 6 as haven demand increased. More global turmoil seems to erupt daily and general concern for Europe’s economy is creating fear for investors. As fear increases, so does the demand for gold. It is very hard to predict exactly when impactful events like war and terrorism will take place but it is not difficult to confidently say they will inevitably happen.

This environment also helps illustrate the fact that investors need to prepare for times of uncertainty. One way to increase security in an uncertain world is to make sure your gold allocation is the right size and properly allocated. Many invest in gold but do not have the proper exposure that allows them to get the most out of their gold investment. It is important to understand what type of allocation is appropriate and how to get proper exposure to gold. Investors should consult an experienced professional to help them make sure their hard earned assets are properly secure. Advantage Gold offers a free educational brochure to potential investors. Call 1-800-341-8584, email info@advantagegold.com or visit www.advantagegold.com to help secure your investment portfolio today.



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