Uncertainty on the Rise

Stocks got off to a lousy start this week, as investor anxiety over Trump’s immigration ban as well as corporate earnings is on the rise. The recent actions taken by the Trump administration could be just the first of more to come, and could potentially divide the nation further.

The Trump administration recently put a ban on immigration from several primarily-Muslim countries and also put a 120 day hold on the U.S. refugee program.

The actions drew immediate praise from some, and immediate disgust from others.

Several world leaders have voiced their opinions on the matter, and some key U.S. Government officials have also expressed their concerns over the action. The move also fueled immediate protests at various airports, and is a major topic of discussion in the news and financial media.

And it does not appear to be an issue that is going to go away anytime soon. Although some believe that Trump is acting well within his Presidential powers, others believe the Constitution is under attack.

The immigration ban and halt to the refugee program are two major issues among many others. Relations with Mexico appear to be highly strained as discussions and plans for the border wall have begun.

The U.S. has already pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trump administration will likely seek to renegotiate other trade deals such as NAFTA.

There could be some vast and significant changes in how the U.S. conducts business, and these changes could potentially have a far-reaching effect on the global economy.

With such a vast disagreement on immigration and other matters, it seems that the nation could very well remain divided. This could potentially have a significant effect on financial markets, and Monday’s selling in stocks could potentially be just the beginning of a larger-scale correction. Stocks have come a long way since the Trump election victory, and could potentially see some significant declines if risk appetite begins to fizzle.

It is times like this when investors may seek out perceived safe havens. Hard, physical assets like gold, silver and other precious metals may potentially provide investors with a degree of comfort and peace of mind.

These asset classes have been considered a reliable store of wealth and value for thousands of years, and their reputation as such remains intact to this day.

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