What is Cryptocurrency?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the stories.  Some detail massive rags-to-riches gains. Others sew  tales of woe and speak of back-breaking losses. Whether fueled by facts or hyperbole, one thing is certain. Cryptocurrency is everywhere. What started as a practical solution for peer-to-peer transactions is now a worldwide phenomenon.  But what is crypto, exactly?  Consider this guide as a crash course in cryptocurrency for beginners. What is Cryptocurrency, and How Does it Work?  Cryptocurrency is digital currency used for speculative investment and as a method of payment. ... Continue Reading

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Fortunes have been made and lost on cryptocurrency.  From turning a few bucks into millions to losing an encryption key that would unlock life-changing money, it seems everyone has a story. The world has gone crypto crazy.  This guide will educate you on how to invest in cryptocurrency.  We’ll give you a few key considerations to ponder before diving into crypto investing.  In the end, we simply hope to help you make an informed decision.  Let’s get started.  What is Cryptocurrency?   Cryptocurrency is a... Continue Reading

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Digital Money 101

What Is Digital Money?   Digital money is an intangible, electronic form of payment. Online technological infrastructure ensures that payments are accurately transferred and properly accounted for.  The internet has made the world smaller. With a push of a few keystrokes, buyers on one side of the world can easily purchase goods and services from sellers on the other side of the world.  Digital money not only makes the process possible. It makes it easy. How Does Digital Money Work?  There are several different types... Continue Reading

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What Is Digital Currency?

The internet makes the world feel smaller.  From the comfort of the couch, people and businesses across the globe can now connect and transact.  With that, a digital economic ecosystem—fueled by digital currency—has blossomed. As we adapt and rely less on cash, many ask, “What is digital currency?” and wonder how digital currency works.  Understanding Digital Currency and Its Importance  Digital currency—also known as digital dollars—is currency available only electronically.  You access your digital currency exclusively with a computer or mobile device, and none of... Continue Reading

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Will Digital Currency Replace Paper Money?

Cash is king. But its reign may be coming to an end.  The internet changed the world. And now digital currency is changing how we function in that world.  Pretty soon, running errands will be a thing of the past. Standing in line at a bank? No way! Paying bills in person? Why?  And that trip to the mall? Not when you can go online, virtually see how items fit, press a button, and have them show up at your door.  To many, the question... Continue Reading

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Cryptocurrency vs. Digital Currency: What’s the Difference?

Cryptocurrency and digital currency. Their names sound similar.  They’re both money that exists in cyberspace.  It’s logical to think there must not be any difference when comparing digital currency vs cryptocurrency. But that’s far from the truth. While digital currency and cryptocurrency share some traits, they are vastly different and serve different purposes. We’ll look at the properties of both and explore how we use cryptocurrency vs. digital currency in real-world applications.  The difference between cryptocurrency and digital currency may be greater than you think. ... Continue Reading

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What Is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital-based version of money, backed and distributed by a nation’s central bank.  Central banks around the world, including in the U.S., are looking at the future of money and monetary transactions with CBDC in mind. Many countries are exploring banking alternatives such as central bank digital currency with the aim of: – Expanding access to funds – Providing safety and security – Allowing cost-effective cross-border transactions Several small countries—mostly in the Caribbean— have already implemented CBDC. Large nations... Continue Reading

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How to Move Your 401(k) to Gold Without Penalty

Gold has been a highly valued, highly sought-after asset since the days of ancient civilizations. Today is no different. With inflation soaring, and purchasing power decreasing, many investors might wonder how to move a 401(k) into gold without penalty. Read along and learn: The different types of 401(k) How to convert 401(k) into gold How a gold IRA works The benefits of a Gold IRA Hopefully, you will see how easy it is to start protecting your investments with a Gold IRA. What Is a... Continue Reading

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Traditional Gold IRA vs. Roth IRA: What’s the Difference?

There’s an old saying, “You reap what you sow.” It means the crops you harvest in the future come from the seeds you plant today.  Gold IRA investing is similar.  Traditional and Roth IRAs both provide, but the harvests will be a bit different.  We will take a closer look at Gold vs. Roth IRAs and familiarize you with their similarities and differences What Traditional Gold IRAs Have in Common With Roth IRAs  Considering a Gold IRA vs. Roth IRA is like choosing between two... Continue Reading

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Gold IRAs vs. Physical Gold: Which Should You Choose?

OK, you’ve decided that you need to secure your portfolio with gold.  The next step is to compare a Gold IRA vs. physical gold. Which is better? Which suits your needs?  We will dive into the methodology of each and educate you on the pros and cons of owning physical gold vs. establishing a Gold IRA.  Gold IRA vs. Physical Gold  Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose between two great options.  Investing in a Gold IRA and investing in physical gold will ultimately yield the same... Continue Reading

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