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Gold IRAs vs. Physical Gold: Which Should You Choose?

OK, you’ve decided that you need to secure your portfolio with gold.  The next step is to compare a Gold IRA vs. physical gold. Which is better? Which suits your needs?  We will dive into the methodology of each and educate you on the pros and cons of owning physical gold vs. establishing a Gold IRA.  Gold IRA vs. Physical Gold  Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose between two great options.  Investing in a Gold IRA and investing in physical gold will ultimately yield the same... Continue Reading

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Silver Investment News

Keeping up with the latest news and price fluctuations of silver can be overwhelming. Silver enthusiasts need a clear, up-to-date, and trustworthy source to keep them updated with the silver market. We’re here to help keep you up to date on: Silver news in industry Silver market news Silver price news and movement Silver investing tips Predictions on both how high silver will reach and how low silver will go Silver investment news changes on a daily basis, so check back often to get the... Continue Reading

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Gold to Silver Ratio: A Guide

What is the Gold to Silver Ratio? The Gold to Silver Ratio measures how many ounces of silver are required to equal the value of one ounce of gold.  Hypothetically, let’s say that today, gold is trading for $2,000 per ounce, and silver is trading at $25 per ounce.  To determine the gold to silver ratio based on today’s spot prices, we would divide $2,000 by $25, which gives us $80. Thus, today’s gold to silver ratio would be 80 to 1 (80:1). In our... Continue Reading

Rules for Silver IRA investing

A Silver IRA allows you to invest in physical silver—bars and coins—inside of your individual retirement account.  First established in 1997, the Silver IRA has become the go-to for those looking to invest in silver with the funds they already have in their traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA. If you’re interested in opening a Silver IRA, you’ll work with a highly trained account executive. This individual will walk you through the simple application process, educate you on what silver is eligible, and ensure that all... Continue Reading

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What Is Junk Silver?

Junk silver coins are circulated U.S. coins that contain 90% silver and were typically minted before 1965. Junk silver is not junk at all. Rather, they’re coins that have no numismatic—a fancy word for collectible—value and derive their worth exclusively from their content of silver.  Sounds confusing, right? Well, think about it this way. We’ve all come home from work and emptied our pockets of change and tossed it atop a dresser or into a change jar.  That overflowing jug of old shiny pieces of... Continue Reading

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What Is IRA-Approved Silver?

IRA-approved silver is investment-grade physical silver that’s approved by the IRS to be used in an individual retirement account (IRA). For those wondering, “What is IRA-eligible silver?”, this article should answer your question. For your safety and security, the IRS has strict guidelines on what types of metals can be held in an IRA. To be considered eligible as IRA-approved silver, the silver must meet exacting standards for quality, purity, and condition. Not all silver is created equal, but you can rest assured that your... Continue Reading

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What Is A Silver IRA?

A Silver IRA is just like the individual retirement account that you may already have, except that it is self-directed. This allows you to own physical silver bars and coins—as well as paper investments—inside of your IRA. Investors just like you create and own a portfolio of physical silver safely, securely, and hassle free inside of their Silver IRA. A trained professional will walk you through a simple application process, do all of the heavy lifting for you, and keep you informed throughout every step.... Continue Reading

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Silver

We live in uncertain times. Information is available in amounts unseen in history. One source might say go, while another says stop.  Whom do you believe? What can you trust? Making that determination seems tougher than ever.  As a result, many suffer from paralysis by analysis—what some refer to as thinking too much. Getting stuck in the maze and not knowing which way to turn typically leads to turning in circles and going nowhere at all. You need clear facts to make clear decisions. Thriving... Continue Reading

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