What Is A Silver IRA?

A Silver IRA is just like the individual retirement account that you may already have, except that it is self-directed. This allows you to own physical silver bars and coins—as well as paper investments—inside of your IRA. Investors just like you create and own a portfolio of physical silver safely, securely, and hassle free inside of their Silver IRA. A trained professional will walk you through a simple application process, do all of the heavy lifting for you, and keep you informed throughout every step. The transition from a conventional IRA to owning physical silver inside of your IRA should be seamless and satisfying. 

How is a Silver IRA Different from a Conventional IRA?

You may already be familiar with a Conventional IRA. A Conventional IRA allows you to own, on a tax-deferred or after-tax basis, paper investment products—typically stocks, bonds, and treasury notes. A Silver IRA, is just like the IRA that you’re accustomed to, except it’s self directed. This means you have the ability to pick and choose what you want to own in your IRA. 

A Silver IRA gives you more choices, and that includes physical assets such as real, physical silver bars and coins. Silver IRA customers typically want to acquire a tangible asset—something that they can reach out and touch if they ever feel the need—while safely storing it in the best vaults in the world. They also want to use the funds, already allocated for tax deferred investing, to do so. A Silver IRA, is the go-to method that satisfies those needs. 

Of course, you can still own all of the paper assets that you want in your Advantage Gold Silver IRA. You maintain full control over your portfolio while having the peace of mind knowing that your silver bars and silver coins, the world’s oldest currency, are the anchor of your investing. 

Benefits of a Silver IRA

People often ask about the benefits of a Silver IRA. While the answer varies according to an individual’s needs, some benefits of a Silver IRA are fairly universal.

Physical silver ownership within an IRA allows you to:

  • Own an in-demand, generally undervalued precious metal in its physical form
  • Add true diversification to your portfolio
  • Help protect your wealth from runaway inflation 

Demand For Silver Is High

Silver has never been more in demand.  Modern technology has taken over in the form of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. If your hands have touched a device today, driven a car, turned on anything battery-powered, chances are you’ve come in contact with silver. Today’s solar-powered homes utilize silver. Semiconductors use silver. LED lights—yep, you guessed it—use silver. It’s literally impossible for the modern world to function without it. 

Over recent years, the combination of technological use, use in jewelry, and the demands of in-hand ownership have collided. The demand for silver has often outpaced the availability of the precious metal. There is only so much silver to go around, and scant supply has resulted in manufacturing delays, processing chip shortages, and product unavailability. Even the US Mint has experienced silver shortages, which suspended the manufacture of silver coins for a long spell and resulted in dramatic price increases. 

Silver is Generally Undervalued

With the world fully in combat against climate change, we increasingly turn to solar for atmospheric friendly energy. Solar production is the cornerstone of green energy. Additionally, Photovoltaic (PV) cells are the essential element for a solar panel to produce transferable energy, and PV cells depend on silver to operate.

Between now and 2030, PV manufacturers are projected to need almost 900 million ounces of silver, which is over 50 million more ounces of silver than all of the world’s silver mines mined in 2019. Where there is high demand, there is typically low supply. And low supplies typically mean staggeringly higher prices. Silver prices should surely test their all-time highs in the near future. When we factor in the worldwide rollout of 5G technology and the ever-expanding use of handheld devices—all of which rely on silver—it is easy to see how generally undervalued silver truly is, and how the prospect of massive appreciation is on the horizon. 

Silver Can Help Diversify Your Portfolio

A Silver IRA containing physical silver bars and coins can offer portfolio diversification. 

Some investors feel a diversified portfolio contains stocks pertaining to healthcare, utilities, housing, and financials, just to name a few. 

A wise investor knows that while exposure to those are great at certain times, they are all stocks, and just different sectors of one big stock market. 

They are paper assets, traded in cyberspace, and are all exposed to the liability of a falling stock market. 

Physical precious metals ownership, such as a Silver IRA, gives you true diversification by giving you a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand and one that is not at the whim of a stock trader. Silver is not directly tied to the stock market.

Silver Can Help Protect Your Wealth From Inflation

If you are looking to protect your assets from runaway inflation, a Silver IRA can help protect your wealth. 

Physical silver can offer a hedge against inflation by giving your portfolio a tangible asset. Inflation is often the result of extremely rapid economic growth, and increased demand for products versus the available supply. 

Many of the products that are currently in high demand rely on silver. Automobiles, solar panels, and electronics all need silver to function. 

Investors often seek out silver as a safe haven investment during inflationary times. It has proven itself as a store of value for those who are reluctant to spend during inflationary periods and want to preserve their capital. 

In typical markets, when inflation soars, so does the price of silver. 

How To Open a Silver IRA

The most important choice when considering how to open a Silver IRA is choosing the Silver IRA company that suits your needs. Look for a company that has helped thousands of clients and has exhibited expertise in their field. 

While every client and every portfolio is different, each and every client should be treated with the same care and afforded the same attention to detail. Find a Silver IRA company that prides itself in servicing you. There’s no such thing as a strange question, and no detail is too small. 

And finally, don’t just take their word for it. Look for hundreds and hundreds of five star reviews that you can see for yourself, and talk to companies that have earned the highest rankings from reputable review sites such as TrustLink and the Better Business Bureau.  

Once you are comfortable with your choice of experts, opening a Silver IRA is virtually effortless. It starts with a simple phone call, where an extensively trained professional will answer all your questions. They will walk you through the process, step by step. The right Silver IRA company will do all of the work for you, and their processing department will keep you updated. In most cases, you will have your choice of silver coins or silver bars, sitting safely in the depository, in two weeks. Sometimes even sooner. 

Can I Rollover An Existing Account Into A Silver IRA?

Yes. A Silver IRA rollover is tax-free and penalty-free. The custodian will transfer your assets, and if you have $50,000 in your existing account, you will have $50,000 in your newly rolled-over account. You will then have the opportunity to pick and choose how you would like the funds invested. 

What Types Of Silver Can Be In My Silver IRA?

Your Silver IRA rollover allows you to own physical silver, including bars and coins. Your personal account executive will walk you through the benefits of each silver coin and silver bar. Not all silver is eligible, but you will be thrilled learning the unique properties of each silver coin, and ultimately selecting what you desire to own and store in your Silver IRA. 

Get Started With A Silver IRA

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Advantage Gold, the industry leader in the Silver IRA, and highest-rated Silver IRA company in the business. Our process is simple, we will do most of the work for you, and you will quickly and effortlessly own physical silver bars and silver coins inside of your Silver Coins IRA. Contact us today, and an account executive will contact you to answer your questions and walk you through the process. We look forward to serving and welcoming you to the Advantage Gold family.


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